Master Plan Overview

  • District 4 is located in the southeast corner of Santa Rosa County between the East Bay and Santa Rosa Sound adjacent to Eglin Air Force Base, the Gulf of Mexico and Okaloosa County. The District comprises the unincorporated communities of Navarre, Holley, and Navarre Beach on Santa Rosa Island. District 4 is predominantly a bedroom community for mostly military personnel, federal civil servants, local population, retirees and defense contractors, but also caters to a growing community of nature enthusiasts and tourists due to its location along the Santa Rosa Sound and proximity to Navarre Beach as part of the Gulf Islands National Seashore. A map of the District 4 boundary is provided below.

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  • The Santa Rosa County District 4 Master Plan is a document that outlines a plan for growth and development within the District for the coming decades through land use recommendations and an overlay district to improve overall quality of life. The Master Plan will consider a range of topics, such as architectural standards, housing and housing densities, parking, circulation and accessibility, economic incentives, recreational open space, and much more.
  • Santa Rosa County has initiated this Master Plan to create a cohesive vision of future development within the community that preserves and improves quality of life for all residents. District 4 residents have an incredible opportunity to shape the future of their community. Take advantage of this opportunity to share your thoughts, express your goals, and provide feedback to help Santa Rosa County District 4 reach its full potential.
  • The District 4 Master Plan is being developed by Matrix Design Group under contract with Santa Rosa County. Matrix has successfully developed Master Plans for communities in the Florida Panhandle and throughout the country who are proactively planning for growth. Matrix recognizes that the District 4 Master Plan is a community-driven project that must reflect the interests and desires of the community. In this regard, the plan ultimately belongs to the District 4 community and will solicit broad outreach and participation from the community so that it is shaped and directed by local input.
  • The District 4 Master Plan will be conducted over the span of eight months according to the following sequence:

    Initial Vision and Direction (Now through early 2018)

    Initial project tasks include data collection, review and outreach. During this phase of the project, existing planning documents and site conditions will be reviewed and assessed. Because the Master Plan is a community-driven process, input from the community will be sought during this period. Information will be gathered from the community on their vision for the future of District 4 including current issues, opportunities, and what community assets should be preserved and enhanced into the future.

    Land Use Alternatives Development (Spring 2018)

    Based on the community input, conceptual land use alternatives will be developed. These will be presented to the public for input on which alternative or aspects and features of alternatives are most desirable in the community. The desirable components of each alternative will be combined into one preferred alternative that will act as a baseline for the Master Plan.

    Master Plan Development (Summer 2018)

    The Draft Master Plan will be developed based on the preferred alternative and presented to the County Staff for review and refinement.

    Master Plan Review and Recommendation - Zoning Board (Summer 2018)

    The Draft Master Plan will be presented to the Zoning Board at a public hearing for review and recommendation to the Board of County Commissioners. Any revisions resulting from the Zoning Board review, comments and recommendations will be incorporated in the Draft Master Plan.

    Master Plan Review and Approval – Board of County Commissioners (Summer 2018)

    With the Zoning Board input incorporated, the Draft Master Plan will be presented at a public hearing before the Board of County Commissioners for consideration of adoption.

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