Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • A master plan for District 4 has never been conducted by the county. Previous planning efforts focused on the creation of a town center for Navarre. The Master Plan for District 4 considers a broader geographic area than the town center plan. As part of the District 4 Master Plan process, a review of county plans and documents will be reviewed including the regulations adopted for the Heart of Navarre Overlay District and Town Center Zoning District.

    Construction and growth are on the rise in Santa Rosa County with approximately one-third of the new annual construction occurring in District 4. Development in the area and branding of the community as a family-friendly relaxed recreational retreat are indicators that the District 4 region is attracting a growing permanent and tourist population. The District 4 Master Plan will provide a framework to shape the future of District 4 by respecting its character and supporting sustainable, orderly and economic growth. How the community can preserve and enhance its character and natural resources while accommodating growth and reaching its full potential is the foundation of the master planning process.
  • The master planning process will result in a Master Plan document to guide the development of the built environment in District 4 and may include policy suggestions, design guidelines, modifications to the Heart of Navarre Overlay District and Town Center Zoning District, and recommendations for land development code changes. What the final plan delivers will ultimately be determined based on feedback and input from the community.
  • A successful downtown district must be built with the input and support from the residents, the business community and leadership to reflect their interests and vision. The built form and geographic boundary of a downtown is dependent on that overall community vision. Any downtown district must reflect not only what the community aspires to but also a plan for implementation.
  • FDOT’s consultant is providing various types of options – some including alternatives including roundabouts and elevated roadways – however those plans are speculative until Federal Highway Association approves them. We will take those plans into consideration as they develop.
  • The District 4 Master Plan is an entirely citizen driven plan. Matrix Design Group is currently in the process of data collection and analysis which includes the identification of issues, concerns, opportunities and a review of existing county planning documents regarding both the built and natural environment in District 4.

    What the final plan delivers will ultimately be determined based on feedback and input from the community. Two public meetings and other public outreach events will be conducted for the Santa Rosa County District 4 Master Plan. The first public meeting will be conducted to introduce the community to the District 4 Master Plan process and seek community input on the future vision for District 4. The second public meeting will provide an opportunity for the public to review and provide feedback on the land use alternatives that will form the basis of the Master Plan. Additional public outreach events will be conducted to obtain additional public input and promote project awareness. These events will be coordinated with Santa Rosa County and could include setting up a booth at a popular community destination such as the Navarre Beach Pier, community park, a shopping center or a planned community event. The public is also invited to provide comment at the Zoning Board and Board of County Commissioner public hearings for the District 4 Master Plan.

    In addition to the upcoming public meetings there will also be opportunities for the community to provide feedback via online surveys and social media. Matrix will present the community’s vision and recommend strategies to facilitate that vision in the final master plan. District 4 residents have an incredible opportunity to shape the future of their community. Take advantage of this opportunity to share your thoughts, express your goals, and provide feedback to help Santa Rosa County District 4 reach its full potential.
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